Build your IT Strategy

Our Consultant bring deep understanding of industry knowledge, technology trends and business needs to help develop your IT Strategy, to enable business capabilities to achieve your organizational goals.

We can help to build an IT strategy tightly aligned to business goals and corporate priorities, and design IT governance approaches to deliver the highest value and time to market.

We can help you develop IT Strategy roadmap, plan, related documentation and architecture, based on your organizational circumstances, budgetary constraints, core competencies in four architectural domains including Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Information Architecture and Technology Architecture.

Build your Big Data

We can help you build Big Data Strategy, Data Visualization, Simulation, Regression Analysis, Trending & Forecasting, Clustering and Segmentation, Predictive Analysis and Behaviour Patterns based on Big Data Technologies.

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About Us

In a rapidly evolving Information Technology landscape, we are your trusted advisor to help build strategic vision and realize your goal through systemic enterprise architecture and roadmap.

Core Capabilities

In a rapidly evolving Information Technology landscape, we are your trusted advisor to help build strategic vision and realize your goal through systemic enterprise architecture and roadmap.

Our IT Consulting practice focuses on following areas to help you achieve your critical business objectives:

  • IT Governance And Risk Management
  • IT Architecture And Strategy
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • COTS CRM/ERM Implementation
  • Cloud based Services


Using our design approach to build better Customer Experience
through your business transformation

Our Services

Our Information Technology Consulting practice focuses on following areas to help you achieve your critical business objectives.

IT Governance & Risk Management

IT Organizations undergo through major Transformations. An effective approach to IT Governance can bring together strategic plan and associated risk, to evolve an agile IT and to be able to respond quickly to new opportunities. We help organizations to design and implement governance models to effectively manage technology risk, and deliver business capabilities.

IT Architecture, Strategy & Roadmap

Build coherent and integrated IT strategy and architecture based on IT-Business alignment and balanced scorecard approach. We help define complete view from Business capabilities to Technology Platform to enable organizations to achieve its short and long term strategic goals. We develop Enterprise Architecture in all four discipline based on TOGAF. Read more...

IT Portfolio & Program Management

Today`s rapidly changing business environment is increasing the number of projects undertaken and complexity of strategic initiatives. We can help you structure a Project Management Office (PMO) and establish protocols and procedures to ensure that programs and projects are meeting business expectations and timelines.

Bespoke Software Development

Our development process is carefully designed to customize for circumstances and business goals of a particular organization. Based on our strategic thinking and collaborative approach, we build solutions through series of discovery workshop to better understand the business needs, and recommend a tailor approach to provide best possible fit.

COTS CRM/ERP Implementation

Build your CRM/ERP Strategy, and help you through selection process or RFP, define requirements, optimize business processes, and architect an integrated solution. We can further help you implement out-of-box solutions, build configuration, support integration with other sub systems, and extending the capabilities through add-on software.

Cloud based Services

Extend your IT Infrastructure with Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We help build Cloud Strategy and support through selection and implementation of Cloud Services through variety of Vendors to enable enterprises to scale infrastructure based on an open and flexible architecture.

Our Methodology

Our Bespoke Software development methodology is designed to keep customer first in mind, and its customizable to your company’s unique goals. Through strategic thinking, emphasis on business process, and capability driven building block approach, we can help you quickly organize, prioritize, roadmap and deliver your IT capabilities.













Our Expertise

We specialize is in building an End to End solution for Customer and Enterprise applications, that are fully integrated within and outside of your organization; to provide a consistent and harmonized customer experience across all channels.

Omni Channels & Web Portals

Provide Sales & Support to your customers with seamless experience across all channels including web portals, mobile devices, call centers, door to door, or retail stores.Brandable secure web portals for your dealers, corporate stores, call centers are telemarketers with complete integration with POS and payment gateways.

Enterprise Customer 360 View

Create a unique customer experience by building an enterprise wide customer view. Record all customer engagement & interactions, and present full customer view including their contacts, subscriptions, orders, bills and payments, tickets, to do, calendars etc to all Sales and Support Channels.

Integration & SOA

Enable Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in your organization to ensure seamless integration between systems, services and applications. Transform your IT system into a high performance, intuitive and cost effective environment.

Business Intelligence & Dashboards

Build ETL to pull real-time data to build business intelligence dashboards to visualize your data that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your enterprise. Tailor your dashboards for specific role and display metrics targeted for a single point of view or department. Drill down on metrics to see detailed transactions.

Big Data Analytics

Build your Big Data Strategy to gain valuable customer insights, predict the future and create new business opportunities, or monetize big data. We can help you enable your Hadoop cluster to source, transform, analyze and visualize your Big Data.

Enterprise Architecture Practice

Integration & SOA Service

Dashboard & KPI Service

Big Data Strategy

Our Partners & Technologies

We strive hard to build relationships with other technology vendors to bring you best turnkey solution suitable to your circumstances.

Weblogic, Apache, JBoss & Tomcat
Java , J2EE & JSF
Database, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
Big Data, Hadoop, Cassendra, MangoDB, Pig/Hive, Mahout/R
Virtualization, OVM, HyperV & vmWare
Redhat & Linux
Cloud Amazon AWS, Oracle & Azure

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